5 Product Suites All E-Commerce Platforms Should Employ for an Elevated Customer Experience

SI TeamAccording to official statistics, India's E-commerce revenue is expected to jump from US$ 39 billion in 2017 to US$ 120 billion in 2020, growing at an annual rate of 51 percent, the highest in the world. Over the last few years, dozens of websites have been launched in India to sell everything from books and appliances, to baby care products and bus tickets. As of last year, online retail sites have acquired a whopping 138 billion rupees in revenue. With social media at the forefront, e-commerce is backed to be a massive revolution in marketing and sales. No wonder then, a lot of people are looking to start their own ventures in this space.

However, starting up an e-commerce business entails managing not just inventory but also logistics, order management, product marketing, customer service and web design among other things. The good news is that there are companies working in each of these individual domains to make your work easier. Everything can be customized and tweaked according to your individual requirement to make your business a success.

Below are some of the more popular and effective e-commerce business tools you may consider using to help you scale your business.

1. Shopify - There’s no business more dependant on a website than an e-com business. So, if you are looking to create beautiful websites without getting into technicalities, then Shopify is the web design tool for you. All the themes including free and paid are mobile responsive. The
themes are sleek, lightweight and aesthetic looking. Creating websites in Shopify is just a breeze. You can even buy a domain at Shopify and with a single click, all the settings will get configured. It also comes with a lot of plugins to make your work easy.

2. Hootsuite - Hootsuite packs social media and customer management into one product. Hootsuite allows a business to build a stronger and more authentic brand presence on social media channels, interact with current and potential customers. With Hootsuite, you can see what people are saying about your brand or products, schedule social media updates, and get access to powerful analytics and insights that can help you get more ROI from your efforts.

3. ClickPost - One of the most important things in an e-commerce business is ensuring that customers are not only getting quality products, but that they’re actually getting them at the right time. This is the reason why a shipment tracking tool is essential because different factors can affect the delivery process. By having the ability to track shipments, you are giving your customers less of a reason to worry about their packages. ClickPost gives you exactly that. With its support for over 100+ logistics partners worldwide, delivery monitoring has never been this convenient. It helps you achieve your business objectives, streamline your supply chain, keep customers happy and reduces RTOs by an average of 25% while increasing net promoter score by 20%

4. Razorpay - According to data from Statista, although credit cards are currently the preferred payment method for online consumers (42% prefer this method), electronic payment is not far behind, representing 39% of the preferred choice. Its importance will be greater in the coming years, and that is why your e-commerce business needs to have integration with a digital payment gateway like Razorpay. Razorpay is one of the most popular payments solutions in India. It offers its customers to accept, process, and disburse payments seamlessly within its product suite and offers easy mobile app integration on both Android and iOS.

5. Nimble - Using Nimble you can easily manage all the conversions you had with customers at a single place. Customers may interact with you over email, chat or a phone call and all of these can be managed from a single place. It automatically updates all the details of customers to the system so you don't have to search or add. It tracks all the mention of your business on social media platforms. Nimble offers integration with all the leading platforms like Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce etc.